Close to nature – Destinations away from civilizations

One often gets tired of the city hustle bustle, noise, and work. Sometimes, people are so indulged into performing daily chores that life become monotonous and they get detached from finding the inner peace. Cities have inculcated the concrete culture leaving no mark of natural beauty. So, to be close to nature and rejuvenate, let’s escape from the web of civilization and spice up our lives.

Fascinating Destinations for a way out from Civilization:

1 – Zanskar Valley


A valley filled with different shades of colors and an ultimate destination to find peace in the midst of mountains ranges. On top of it, Zanskar River which freeze in winter and act as a path to Padum and during summers, rafting will be the favorite activity to do. So, in every season you will have reason to visit Zanskar. Far from the city commotion take a break and visit one of the remotest place of India.

Горнолыжные курорты Италии Купить закладку кокаин амфетамин гашиш ск мдма 2 – GandiKota

Taking a route towards South of India, there is a small village situated on the bank of river Pennar (Kadapa) in Andhra Pradesh. You will visit India’s Hidden Grand Canyon – GandiKota. If you are the one who loves trekking then one can trek downhill through the canyon towards the riverbed and enjoy the mesmerizing view. There are many other spots that one should visit- GandiKota Fort, Ranganatha Swamy Temple Ruins, Jama Masjid.

Заводоуковск Купить закладку кокаин амфетамин гашиш ск мдма 3 – Lepchajagat

Горбатов Купить закладку кокаин амфетамин гашиш ск мдма

West of India, Darjeeling known for its beauty which is spread across a large region and when you move 19 kms away from the town, you will come across a striking vision of densely populated forest area covered with greenery and the snow peaked mountains. What else is better than staying at a place away from city crowd where you get to enjoy peace and relax in midst of nature.

4 – Tarkarli Beach

Those of you who are in love with the sight of sea and sand, the sound of waves is like music to ears then Tarkarli is your type of destination. As it is a popular beach destination in Maharashtra covered with turquoise color sea and white sand beach. Enjoy the water sports or just sit and capture the view.

5 – Athirappilly Falls

Image result for athirappilly falls

Niagara Falls of India – Athirappilly is located in Thrissur District, Kerala. Place is rejuvenating and adorable covered by forest all around and the sound of the waterfall is soothing. It is the largest fall in Kerala region.

6 – Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh has lot to offer when it comes to getting away for an adorable retreat, one can go for the Dhuandhar waterfall which will appear as if the smoke is coming out the river and the view is mesmeric. Then on the other hand Bandar Kodini, a romantic abode – when one will travel between the marble rocks mountain in a boat on the Narmada River under the moonlight, experience will be spellbinding.

7 – Maujli Islands

Waiting for the ferry to Maujli Island is a worth wait because once you reach to alluring destination the patience of waiting would be contented. On your way to Island you will get a view of green water and diffused islands. Maujli being the largest River Island will be a perfect destination when one needs to have a view that is picturesque and sometimes you will feel that you are the only stranger in this Island.

8 – Auroville

Auroville known as experimental township situated in Tamil Nadu, where men and women of all countries can live in peace and harmony. This town is surrounded by beach and one can pay a visit to gold-plated MatriMandir. So if one need the inner peace can surely head towards this beautiful town as it will be an unforgettable experience away from the stress.

9 – Ram Setu Pamban Island

An Island from where one can have a mythological encounter of “The famous of Ram Setu Bridge” holding an important part in Ramayana. Ram Setu Bridge is a chain of Limestone shoals between Pamban Island and which connects India to Sri Lanka. So visit the past and re-live the mythological stories.

10 – Jaisalmer Desert

Another face of India, Deserts which will make you feel hot during day time and as the sun goes down it will bring on the chills. Colorful Culture spread across the region which brighten up your mood. Camel Safari, Dances, Sand dunes and a wide area of sand will stun you with the nature’s various facets.

Pack your bags and travel to witness the beauty of nature!
















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