The Road Less Travelled

Path that leads to a beautiful destination is sometimes more fascinating than the destination. We might have taken the routes which are famous but do we have that do the different kind of attitude- Have you ever tried taking the Road that are less Travelled? If you have not yet then,take a look at some of the Road that you can choose for the ultimate experience of your life they might offer you adventure, risk but hey sometimes they are worth it !


go to site 1. Zoji la Pass

It is a connecting link between Ladakh and Kashmir. A road which will provide various challenges to you while you decide to travel on it. It gets tough to travel here during rainy season and winters due to heavy snowfall and worst road condition.

follow site 2. Kinnaur Road

If you want to experience a cliff-hanging drive, then Kinnaur should top your list. Roads are deadly and narrow and are often closed due to heavy snowfall and landslides. It will offer you a thrilling experience.

go site 3. Nathu La

Connecting India with China with an altitude of 4,310 m above sea level a road often used for trading purposes. It is again a beautiful and perilous route one can opt for.

4. Spiti Valley

The Spiti Valley offers mesmerizing view while you go on a voyage. You will come across beautiful villages and amazing yet adventurous road worth travelling.

5. Leh Manali Highway

One of the dodgiest route you will ever come across. The path that leads to a destination which is in itself breath-taking but the journey through this road is no less than the destination and as a whole they provide you with the ultimate experience.

So, plan and prepare yourself to hit the road and collect the experiences to paste in the scrapbook of your life.

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